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You are #Onehackaway from elevating your cooking!

Let them breathe

Yes, just like you let your wine breathe, exposing #spicehacks to air for a short time, or allowing them to oxidize, can help soften flavors and release aromas. Give your hacks a shake!

Don’t be shy

Yes you! Don’t be shy using salt! #Spicehacks give you a huge advantage when cooking, but salt is the ultimate hack + flavor booster for all our hacks! Use it!

Looks are deceiving

That bottle might look either too empty or too full…but we fill them by weight not by looks, just the same way we do our blends…not looks, but by flavor profiles! 

Let us guide you

We love and understand spices, we find the best way to express their taste and versatility. We offer the best-curated spice collection to enhance any style of cooking. Make sure you follow us and subscribe to our blogs to maximize the usage of your #spicehacks and wow your guest with your cooking!

Pay it forward

Just like hackers, we know we are not always in the spotlight, and we are ok with that…help a friend or family member discover this amazing community. At checkout make sure your F+F puts your name, and you can be part of our incentive program! Be part of our community by posting, sharing, and tagging us in your hack adventures! 


We thank you for being  part of our kitchen hacker community. We value all feedback and recommendations that can help us help you in the kitchen. 

Cooking is easy…seasoning is harder”- Spice Hack 

Chef FC + MDCG- kitchen hackers

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