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That Cornbread Recipe Hack

That Cornbread Recipe Hack


Holiday season is upon us! And every year during this time, we choose to forget to count our calories, or count carbs because the only thing we are counting on is good food & drinks! When it comes to holiday essentials, one of my (many) weaknesses is definitely a nice warm, buttery, and spicy(!) corn bread. Fun Fact: Cornbread is super versatile!! It has as many names as it does recipe variations. Among them: Johnny Cakes (corn-based pancake, made from thin batter fried on the stove in hot grease...yummy) , Corn Pone (made from thick, mold-able dough--usually without eggs or milk--and baked over an open fire…two please), and Hushpuppies (buttermilk based and deep-fried…I mean..whoa).

Today I want to share with you a quick & easy recipe we often make at home. The best part of this recipe? My 10-year-old makes it and nails it every time. As the base (because we don’t like to complicate things) we use Trader Joe’s Corn bread mix, by far one of the best ones we have come across and 1000% recommended. To spice it up, we are using Spice Hack truffle parm which will add a nice complex layer of flavor to the cornbread that is both unfamiliar and mind-blowing for all of you who can’t get enough of those parm and truffle flavor profiles. Because we like things spicy in our household, we will add - just a touch- of jalapeños. Jalapeños are completely optional if you rather spice things up but not to literal spicy levels.

So, if you have children, we recommend collecting their phones & gaming devices, and getting them on board with making this year’s table favorite - truffle parm cornbread. (and then of course take pics once complete so you can share & tag us on social media)

Full Recipe below - cheers!




1 Egg

½ Cup Oil (we like sunflower)

¾ Cup milk

1.5 Tablespoon Spice Hack Truffle Parm

1 Box Trader Joes Cornbread mix

Jalapeño (optional), no seeds, small diced

Room temperature butter to grease the cooking pan



1. Preheat oven to 350F

2. Beat Egg, oil, milk, and truffle parm in a large mixing bowl

3. Mix in cornbread mix, jalapeños, stirring until moistened- do not over mix

4. Grease baking pan with the room temp butter (8x8x2 recommended)

5. Bake until golden-brown, or insert a knife in the center until it comes clean

6. Let it cool down a little before cutting

7. Cut it and dust more truffle parm on top prior serving




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