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Ok, so this one if for those like me that live on a 24hr non-stop snack diet =). This twist on tzatziki lets you hack an already healthy snack to another level of enjoyment and guilt free munch.

The substitution of avocado for the cucumbers adds richness and healthy fats to this snack that dates to the Ottoman Empire!! Many other variations include the additions of roasted nuts, minced onions, flavored oils, to just name a few…but nothing like the addition of Spice Hack No restrictions! The mix of herbs, garlic and hint of citrus takes this to another experience that should be part of any snack tray at home. Keep it simple and serve with veggie chips or warm naan / pita bread.



Avocado- 1ea

Yogurt- 1C

Lime- 1ea

Mint- ½ Tablespoon

Dill- ½ Tablespoon

Spice Hack No Restrictions- 2 Teaspoons



Chop the herbs

Grate Avocado! No mush!! Grate for better texture

Mix herbs, Spice Hack No Restrictions, grated avocado, and lime juice with the Greek yogurt

Serve with chips, pita bread or fresh veggies

As always, take it to another level with a sprinkle of Spice Hack Applewood Smoked Salt as a garnish

Don’t forget to tag us! @spicehack_  




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